35t Data

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Data is available from the 35t Prototype Detector.

Discovering Files


The "official" way to locate files is via SAM.

samweb -e lbne get-file-access-url lbne_r006837_sr01_20160112T213253.root

See the topic on SAM for more information.

Metadata Database

The conditions database contains some metadata about the files. Example code to access it can be found in this script in the duneutil package.

duneutil/dhtools/runsumdbquery.py 6837


A possibly out of date generated file list:


Accessing Files


PNFS (see below) paths may be accessed via Xrootd with URLs like:


See the topic on XrootD for more information on this access mechanism.


On FNAL computers, if you know the path to a file you can find it in PNFS file system like:


See the topic on PNFS for more information about this resource.

Grid FTP

If you have Grid tools available, PNFS can be accessed. The above path turns into


See the topic GSIFTP for more information about Grid FTP.

In transit

Experts may log in as lbnedaq@lbne35t-gateway02 and check


On that machine, files can be copied to PNFS can be used, eg at


Contact Tom Junk or other FNAL computing experts if you need your Kerberos principle added in order to log in to the lbnedaq account.

Other sources

Michelle has some ad-hoc placements here


Using Files