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Important Note

This is an archival area for a variety of documentation and design pages developed for the LBNE Collaboration which has since reorganized and became a part of DUNE Collaboration. This area is not actively maintained. There isn't any guarantee that the materials presented here are up-to-date or relevant - they are kept here for reference by the computing experts and managers.

If you are looking for DUNE Computing, please access this page here.

Previous Priorities (LBNE Archive)

Priorities for the software and computing work.

Software Tools

LBNE Software

Underlying Software Components and Tools

  • art, a ROOT-based suite of tools, libraries, and applications for processing detector events.
  • LArSoft, an art-based framework for simulating liquid argon drift detectors. As of Jan 24, 2014, LArSoft transitioned from svn/SRT to git/mrb/ups.

New Tools




Open Science Grid

While not a facility or even an owner of a facility, the Open Science Grid (OSG) Consortium is an important component of the national Grid Computing infrastructure in the US as it facilitates access to High-Throughput Computing facilities for many research institutions and collaborations. LBNE enjoys the support of the OSG and has a Virtual Organization (VO) status with the Consortium.

  • Gratia monitoring tool which shows Open Science Grid resource utilization.