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About this page

This page is essentially a scratch space to collect misc notes about Drupal configuration and management.

Examples of the filesystem layout

Files, Libraries, Themes



Server and Credentials



Example of a MySQL dump:

mysqldump eicugorg_eic_drupal -u myUser -p > mydump.sql

Drupal Version Upgrade

Just an illustration of how to keep custom themes and site settings when putting in place a new version of Drupal:

mv  includes/ ~/my_includes
cp -r ~/drupal-7.65 new_web
cd new_web/
rm -fr sites
cp -r ../web/sites .
cp ../web/robots.txt .
diff ../web/robots.txt robots.txt
cp ../web/.htaccess .
diff ../web/.htaccess .htaccess
cd ..
mv web old_web
mv new_web/ web
cp -r old_web/themes/business_responsive_theme/ web/themes/

One should carefully "diff" the includes and modules to see if all are in place. In the example above, it is assumed that these checks have been done.